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By purchasing products from JDA Enterprises (Seller) you (Buyer) acknowledge that Seller has made no representations or warranties to the eligibility of the items purchases, nor is Seller responsible for verifying the eligibility of Buyers who intend to resell the items purchased from Seller on online marketplaces. Seller does not possess the expertise or responsibility to navigate the complex rules and regulations of various online marketplaces. It is the sole responsibility of the Buyer to ensure they comply with all applicable marketplace rules, laws, and restrictions when reselling these items. Buyer further understands that online marketplaces change rules and criteria frequently, and may do so after purchasing from Seller but before presenting the items online.

Furthermore, Seller is not required, and Seller reserves the right to choose not to provide assistance or guidance in the event of any issues or disputes that may arise between buyers and online marketplaces, including but not limited to, providing original invoices from manufacturers or having any additional conversation regarding Buyers issues.


By purchasing wholesale items from JDA Enterprises, Buyer acknowledges and accepts this disclaimer, relieving JDA Enterprises of any liability or further responsibility related to eligibility issues or violations of online marketplace rules and criteria.

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